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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 1 May 2018

Starlit Gazes Info

You can ignore this I just need to sort out my thoughts

Name: Katherine "Katie" Astra Starling

Name Meaning:

Katherine: Pure, clear (ironic)

Astra: Star

Starling: a type of bird

Appearance: Peach-skinned with bold green eyes and brownish-blonde hair Relations:


Brother: Daniel Starling

Mother: Aria Starling


Acquaintance: Jason Phoebus

Best friends: Lucas Anderson


Fire Manipulation: Katie has the ability to manipulate fire, but has difficulty controlling it.

Heat Manipulation: Katie has the ability to manipulate heat, but has difficulty controlling it. However, she has more control over it than fire.

Name: Daniel Starling

Name Meaning:

Daniel: "God is my judge" (this is a name I chose out of liking the name, not the meaning, like Katherine's middle …

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 23 April 2018

Rainstreak's Coding

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 14 March 2018

Personal Warriors Story Challenges

These are personal challenges that I am going to (attempt to) complete! I used a random word generator, and I have selected out prompts to use for my stories. If you want to try this, go ahead! The rules:

All chapters must be 700 words or longer (NOT including ANs, title words, etc.)

Chapters may be connected, but it would be encouraged to keep the stories separate.

Let me know so I can read the chapters! :D
















“It’s going to be okay,” they said, attempting to cheer him. “Everything’s going to be okay.”

“I’ll be fine,” she had told him with a smile. “I’ll come back fine.”

“All the cats that go will be alright, I can assure you,”…

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 14 February 2018

The Rising of Celeste

Celeste yawned as her mother shook her awake. She blinked sleepily up at her. "Mom?" she meowed, eyes blinking to fully awake herself. Her mother, Jasmine - a dark brown-furred she-cat, with black stripes, lighter brown lynx points, and calm turquoise eyes. Or, normally calm. Now, they practically glowed anxiousness.

"Hi, honey," Jasmine chirped - tried to, really. Celeste blinked again. Jasmine was always cheery - where was that cheeriness now?

Her father poked his head in from outside the hollow tree they had called home. "Celeste." A pale ginger tabby with slightly darker-colored ears, Robin's blue eyes were less revealing as she stared at his daughter.

"What's going on?" She blinked. "Oh! Did you catch the rabbit?" Yesterday, she had aske…

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 26 January 2018

Frost Meets Starlingfire

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 25 January 2018

Starlingfire Meets Frost

Starlingfire stared at the fresh-kill pile, feeling lonely. The Gathering cats had left, and she hadn't been chosen. She wasn't tired, but the pile didn't need stocking.

She glanced around, trying to find someone to talk to, although it was in vain. Most cats were resting, either asleep or waiting for the others to come back. She stared up at the full moon. StarClan, I'm bored!

Starlingfire glanced back around and jumped to her paws in surprise. A pair of silvery-green eyes stared at her. It was obvious they hadn't been expecting her to turn, for they blinked, widened, and then disappeared. An intruder! Feeling excited, she ran forward and jumped over the bush - one of the few, in the mountains.

As she entered the dead of night, she noticed a gr…

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Fadestep AJ Fadestep AJ 11 January 2018

Morningstar's Leader Ceremony

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 6 January 2018

Warriors Story Challenges

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Fadestep AJ Fadestep AJ 27 December 2017

Still Here

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 22 December 2017

Last Breath - A Huntress Songfic

A/N: Song Whatever it Takes by Imagine Dragons.

WARNING: Includes character suicide.

A/N: This is just speculation. Huntress is such a gloomy cat, and she feels guilty for her father dying, so being depressed and feeling bad, committing suicide seems a likely thing for when she does die if something else doesn't happen. I sorry if I made you sad.

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DiamondKittyHero DiamondKittyHero 9 December 2017

Wings Beating to the Fire in my Heart


That was the question I asked myself, everyday.

Why? Why did my mother - my blood mother - leave me out there? Didn't she care?

As Starlingkit, I never knew.

As Starlingpaw, they told me.

And now, as Riverstar recites the creed, I've realized something.

My mother never left me, because Violethawk didn't leave me. And my father didn't leave me, because Aspentail never left me.

They've guided me, guided me throughout my entire life, when I started using my powers, when I was confused, when I was excited, when I was sad.

I understand now.

They've guided me to this moment, right now, and I'm grateful for it.

So I lift my head and meet Riverstar's eyes. I say, "I do." And she gives me my warrior name - Starlingfire. I smile at the sound of it.


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Fadestep AJ Fadestep AJ 9 December 2017

Desparity Full Song

Stars light up the sky, can you see them shining?

Poisonous beauty fills the aaaaaair,

can you breathe it in as the power fills your lungs, are you still the saaaaame?

Then something unexpected, the worst has happened, whatever could be more terrifying---

A hard price to pay, the desparity has swallowed,

can you still see light or is it just now all gone?

Looking at you I cannot see the same face,

can you handle the consequences of your actions?

Can you handle your fate?

Return to the Mirrors or struggle down the twisted path

the path that you chose,

Will you see the stars again?

Maybe, just maybe, something might happen,

bring you back to me, maybe you'll get better...

Can you still hear me or is it just all gone? 

Maybe, after all, the desparity has sw…

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