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Curlyfur's Trinkets


"Oh! Hello there! My name is Curlyfur. I suppose you've come to see what I have to sell?"

Curlyfur 2.png

"Oh, I sell all sorts of things! Little twoleg objects, pawmade creations by the SpellWeavers, and, of course, spells and boosts!

So how do I get some?


"Great question! The currency SpellWeavers use are called Lightshards. They look like this:

You can earn Lightshards by doing various things. Consult the list below!

Way To Earn Shard Payment
Joining SpellWeaver's ranks 3 free Shards
Helping the Flowercats for a day 1-4 Shards(depending)
Helping Curlyfur or Morningstar 2 Shards
Coding and Updating our Pages 5 Shards
Fully Coding A Page 10 Shards
Creating SpellWeaver art 5 Shards
Lending us herbs or food 1 Shard for each contributing cat
Curlyfur 2.png

As you can see, we SpellWeavers appreciate any help we're given.


With Lightshards, you can purchase things at my shop. Add yourself to the list if you have any Shards!

Name Username Lightshards
Morningstar Fadestep 5
Rainstreak DiamondKittyHero 33
Lionstep DiamondKittyHero 3

Curly's Trinkets

Look through my wares - maybe you'll find something you want!

Flower String - 3 Shards

Beauty and a scent disguise, this will keep you pretty and smelling fresh, like the plants around you. We've also made some new colours!

Assorted Broken Jewels and Sharp Wires - 2 to 4 Shards
These are so pretty and shiny... they can clip to your tail or ear, but they jangle and clink and click a lot. If you want to show off, or don't mind clinking in your ears, buy one! Or maybe you want one to decorate your nest? Either way, they're still very pretty and interesting~

Custom Art(By Fadestep) - 10-20 Shards

Fadestep's art is something to be earned - she'll draw you a full body or a headshot of your cat if you do work. Headshots are ten lightshards, but full bodies now cost 20 shards.

Bought Inventory

Here's where I keep track of everything you bought - it's called your inventory.
Name Username Item Bought Lightshards Cost
Lionstep DiamondKittyHero Flower String (Green and Leafy) 3


I also keep a record of your Lightshard balance - how many you have, how many you've ever had, and how many you've spent.
Username Lightshards In Inventory Lightshards Ever Owned Lightshards Spent