StreamClan (Zantha)

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"We are strong, we are fast, we are resilient. Individually we are nothing, but together we flow into a great river. We are StreamClan."

Clan Name
Magical Benefits
Member Count
StreamClan Fadestep Riverstar Light StreamClan cats are more likely to be born with the ability to manipulate magic. 19


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The leader guides the clan through thick and thin, keeping them safe. They are to be respected and obeyed.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Apprentice Lives
Riverstar Female Brown with a white underbelly and green eyes. Kind and sensible, but a bit too competitive. Eye-glowing, water manipulation. X 7/9

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The deputy keeps up the clan when the leader cannot. They are trusted authority and are to be listened to, but the leader still overrides them.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Apprentice
Crowsplash Male Black with a grey underbelly and green eyes A bit too suspicious, but intelligent and a good leader Darkness and shields Junglepaw

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The shaman is an intelligent cat with a link to StarClan. They know how to heal cats with the different herbs growing in the mountains.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Power Apprentice
Pinebird Female Grey with a light underbelly and blueish stripes. Calm and kind, always mellow. Small wings X

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The warriors are the lifeblood of the clan. They protect the clan from danger and catch prey when the Stalkers cannot. They have magic more geared towards attack and defence.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Apprentice
Koisong Female Calico with black mottling and emerald-green eyes X X X
Starlingfire She-cat Dark gray with a black belly, two stripes on her tail, and sapphire-blue eyes Self-reliant, hyper, intelligent Fire manipulation Dawnpaw
Ripplewing She-cat Transgender light blue-gray she-cat with white stripes, amber eyes Quiet, easy frightened, loyal Pale blue-gray feathered wings Silverpaw
Oliveeye Tom Fully brown and green eyes A bit anxious, clumsy and stammers. Eyeglowing Shimmerpaw
Stormsplash Tom Mottled silver tom with a white belly Strict to the rules, but enjoys amusing cats Water breathing Phoenixpaw
Mousepelt Shecat Mousy overpelt, white underbelly and grey stripes. Sarcastic(tm) and kinda bitter, always tired and had the best comebacks. She can summon ribbons of light. Glowpaw
Halloween Tomcat Fully brown with orange eyes. Enjoys pulling pranks and reckless. Eyeglowing and very short distance teleportation. X
Stonefang Tomcat Grey with darker greyblue patches Serious and concerned about his fellow clanmates. Invincibility for a short time. Eeriepaw
Crescentstep She-cat Gray with lighter back paws, light blue-gray front paws Quiet, rather mysterious, although too laid-back Eyeglowing Shellpaw
Emberwalk Tom Black with orange dapples, tail tip, silver belly, muzzle, blaze, and ear tips Calm, although sometimes too much, as he doesn't really have strong opinions Illusions, smoke manipulation X

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Stalkers are a few warriors who excel at hunting and tracking, rather than fighting. They are quite respected and often have magics more for speed and stealth than attack. They receive the surname 'Track' when they become a Stalker. They do not have apprentices.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers
Flaretrack Tom Orange and reddish Snappish and temperamental, but very emotional. Sudden flashes of light that explode.
Cloudtrack Tom Light gray with white splashes Mellow, easy-going, although quick to blame Invisibility
Blazetrack Tom Ginger spotted tabby with a black belly Easily spooked, talkative out of job, strict to rules None

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Apprentices are the warriors in training. They are young and eager to learn, but shouldn't be let out of territory or camp without supervision as the cliffs and many streams make it dangerous.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Education
Shellpaw She-cat Pale ginger tabby with slightly darker points Curious and inquisitive, and very loud about her own thoughts Telekinesis Mentors: Crescentstep, Stormsplash
Glowpaw Shecat Pale creamy cat with yellow eyes. Stubborn and strong-minded. Eyeglowing Mentors: Mousepelt.
Eeriepaw Tomcat Ghostly white with only one eye from an accident as a kit Quiet and emotional. He can go through solid objects. Mentor: Stonefang
Phoenixpaw Female Bright ginger tabby with a white belly Curious (especially about dangers to the forest), although liable to poke buttons in order to achieve what she wants Teleportation Mentor: Stormsplash
Dawnpaw Female Pale blue-gray she-kit with bright ginger patches Shy and quiet, preferring to stay in the den than interact with other novices Crystal Encasement Mentor: Starlingfire
Silverpaw Male Silver tom with light blue-gray paws Always neutral (never taking a side), watchful, cold and quiet None Mentor: Ripplewing
Shimmerpaw Male Russian Blue Snappy and rebelious, but has an affinity for magic. Not developed yet Mentor: Oliveeye

Shaman Apprentices
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Shaman Apprentices are a special bunch who chose to follow in the path of the Shaman rather than the Warrior or Stalker. They train to heal instead of fight.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Education Mentor
Silentpaw Tom Mute long-furred spotted cream tabby-and-white Very shy, wistful, and jealous Danger-reactive eyeglowing Mentors: Pinebird Pinebird

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Queens are pregnant or kit-caring mothers. They stay in the nursery and take care of their young. They are to be protected and respected.

Name Pelt Personality Powers Mate Kits

-*the table has no gender because all queens are female, obviously.*-

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Kits are the young kittens that Queens take care of and bear. They are the youngest rank, and to be protected and absolutely never let out of camp, as it is highly dangerous for them. They have not yet developed powers, either.

Name Gender Pelt Personality
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