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The SpellWeavers
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"We know more. We cast more. We protect and overcome, helping out eachother. We are creative - we are SpellWeavers."
Group Name
Magical Benefits
Member Count
The SpellWeavers Fadestep Morningstar Light Weavers recieve levitation to easily craft things. 13



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The Tailor is the leader and guide of the SpellWeavers. They instruct them what spells to make and manage the group well.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Mate Amateur
Morningstar Male Lynx-like tan pelt and white ears/socks Very kind and a tendancy to develop crushes and flirt a lot. Overdramatic. lot. Telekineses has a crush on like everyone but never tries to do anything N/A

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The Co-Tailor watches over the clan, keeps peace, and fills in for the Tailor if they're unable to lead.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Mate Amateur
Curlyfur Female Brown with darker points and freckles Sweet and very helpful, but a bit hyper and nervous.      Magnetic paws - anything can loosely stick to her paws.     Everyone knows Morningstar wants her ;)     Watchpaw

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The Flowercat has a vast knowlege of herbs and can heal cats with them.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Amateur
Hawkstep Tom Long-furred, light brown tabby Irritable, but devoted to his job He can sense the source of an injury or illness. Branchpaw
Amateur Flowercat
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The Amateur Flowercat is the Flowercat in training, learning the ways and herbs. 

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Mentor
Branchpaw Male Sandy coloured moggy. Charming and curious, a bit hyper and annoying. Eyeglowing Hawkstep

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Weavers are the majority of the SpellWeavers, the normal cats who know how to hunt, fight, and use spells provided.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Mate Amateur
Rainstreak Tom Silver tabby-and-white with teal eyes Calm and a planner, although rather forgetful Super speed, water formation Lionstep Nightpaw (temporarily)
Rustyfoot Tom Rusty orange with yellow eyes Brash, playful and passionate, never thinks, always FEELS. Feeling telepathy. He can feel other's emotions and others can sense his when he wants to communicate. Wreathpetal N/A
Shellheart Tom Silver-and-gray tabby with orange eyes and a torn ear. brash and confident, a bit ego-centered but a good cat to have around if you feel bad about yourself. Resistance - fire, drowning, rocks, being hit by another cat, he is very resistant, but as long as he believes in his ability to do so. X
Sadie Shecat Purebred siamese. Nervous and lonely, trying to fit in and self-doubtful as she's a kittypet. X X Bumblepaw
Blueheart Shecat Blue grey with white dapples and yellow eyes. Arrogant and annoying but quite brave and loyal. She can regenerate quickly. X Antpaw
Cloudpath Tom Fully white, large fluffy cat. Serious and calm, slightly lazy. Fog POWER X X

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Amateurs are younger cats who still need to learn how to become a weaver. They can do chores around the camp and in general help out as well.

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Mentor
Watchpaw Female Tortie with a white underbelly and socks Curious and ready to learn, but gets lost in thought often. She can hold more than 2 spells. Curlyfur
Nightpaw Tom Black with a white tail tip/back paws/muzzle Snappish, vain, but protective Eye-glowing, black feathered wings Lionstep
Antpaw Tom Grey and brown moggy. Often confused and tired, but good hearted. Like.. none? Blueheart
Bumblepaw Tom Dark grey tabby with black stripes and long fur like a bumblebee. Very kind and sweet, but anxious to a fault. Bee's wings that can be 'put away' so they're not always there Sadie

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The Queens are the mothers of the kits, taking care and raising them until they can become Amateurs. They are to be given respect and care.

Name Pelt Personality Powers Mate Kits
Wreathpetal Soft creamy white van. A bit harsh and an overthinker, has a plan for everything. WILL HAVE SUCCESS. Forming holograms of her plans. Rustyfoot Snowkit, Leafkit, Specklekit
Poppycrown A soft tabby with a brown overcoat, white underbelly and creamy stripes. A permanent queen after her own litter died, quite sad and quiet and very caring. She hasn't used her warmth power for ages. X Like the entire clan
Curlyfur!! Brown with darker points and freckles Sweet and very helpful, but a bit hyper and nervous. Magnetic paws - anything can loosely stick to her paws. MORNINGCURLY IS CANON BOIZ Ivykit and Clearkit
Lionstep Cream tabby with a white belly/tail tip She's always calling everyone "dear", a softy Size Manipulation (she can grow as big as a lion or shrink as small as an ant) Rainstreak Expecting

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Kits are kittens, the youngest rank. They must stay in camp, but in the meantime, play with them and tolerate them. 

Name Gender Pelt Personality Powers Queen
Snowkit Female Frosty white Sweet and quiet. N/A Wreathpetal
Leafkit Male Orange and white calico Curious and stupidly brave, always going out of camp. N/A Wreathpetal
Specklekit Female Orange and white mottles Eager to do anything, yet very intelligent for a kit. N/A Wreathpetal
Ivykit Female Siamese-like markings and brown dapples. Easily becomes jealous and bitter, wants attention. N/A Curlyfur
Clearkit Female TBA TBA N/A Curlyfur