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That was the question I asked myself, everyday.

Why? Why did my mother - my blood mother - leave me out there? Didn't she care?

As Starlingkit, I never knew.

As Starlingpaw, they told me.

And now, as Riverstar recites the creed, I've realized something.

My mother never left me, because Violethawk didn't leave me. And my father didn't leave me, because Aspentail never left me.

They've guided me, guided me throughout my entire life, when I started using my powers, when I was confused, when I was excited, when I was sad.

I understand now.

They've guided me to this moment, right now, and I'm grateful for it.

So I lift my head and meet Riverstar's eyes. I say, "I do." And she gives me my warrior name - Starlingfire. I smile at the sound of it.

Because she probably named me for my ability to manipulate fire, for my ability to simply create it and control it.

But for me, it's different.

My parents were taking my paw and leading me. They taught me how to be me, and now I can unleash my wings, letting them spread.

The fledgling has left the nest, becoming stronger because of it.

They've taught me how to let my beating wings match the fire in my heart.