Charm Cats Wiki

Stars light up the sky, can you see them shining?

Poisonous beauty fills the aaaaaair,

can you breathe it in as the power fills your lungs, are you still the saaaaame?

Then something unexpected, the worst has happened, whatever could be more terrifying---

A hard price to pay, the desparity has swallowed,

can you still see light or is it just now all gone?

Looking at you I cannot see the same face,

can you handle the consequences of your actions?

Can you handle your fate?

Return to the Mirrors or struggle down the twisted path

the path that you chose,

Will you see the stars again?

Maybe, just maybe, something might happen,

bring you back to me, maybe you'll get better...

Can you still hear me or is it just all gone? 

Maybe, after all, the desparity has swallowed,

Can you hear me, are you there?

Are you thereeee?